Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to Choose the Right Reading Book

The 5 Finger Reading Test 

The 5 Finger Test is a great way to choose an appropriate level book for your child to read. The test provides you and your child a quick and easy method to evaluate the difficulty of a book. It is a quick test you can easily use in the library or book store before you make a selection or purchase.  
Here are the steps that you and your child can use to select a book: 
Open up the book to any page that you or your child wishes to read. Have your child begin reading aloud. As your child reads, count the number of words your child does not know or has a problem reading with your fingers. Now use the number of fingers to help you determine if this is a suitable book for your child to read on their own.  
0 -1 Fingers = This book is easy for your child to read. 
2 - 3 Fingers = Perfect choice - this book is just right for your child. 
4 Fingers = A little difficult yet can be fun for your child to try. You might want to assist your child when they read this book. 
5 or more Fingers = Challenging to read. An adult should read this book along with your child. 
It is terrific to see your child reading every word of a book. Nonetheless, you need to still continue to challenge your child along with books that they aren't able to 'breeze' through. 
Typically, if your child has a hard time with 5-6 words on one page, it is probably most ideal to leave that book for a later date or spend the time to read the book with them. If they are regularly getting 'stuck' on unknown or difficult words, they may get frustrated and discouraged.\ 

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