Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to Help Children Learn to Write

By Theresa Pickett, eHow Contributor

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Help your child learn to write.
Literacy is important to the education of tomorrow's leaders. Help your children learn to express themselves in writing to aid the creation of an improved world. You can show your children how to express themselves in writing by creating an engaging exercise. For instance, discover an activity that the child excels at and enjoys. An athletic student might be interested in learning to write by practicing with a sports-oriented story. Follow a few tips to help your children learn to write. You can increase your child's writing skills through making your child practice.


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      Use examples from your children's daily life to help them understand what language is to encourage the use of varied language in creative writing. For instance, show your children signs in stores and on the street. You want your children to comprehend that language can be experienced places other than the classroom.
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      Show your child that writing creative stories helps her learn to read. Introduce your child to a new friend who likes to read and who she can get to know. Try to encourage your child to realize that creative writing and reading is cool to some children.
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      Encourage your child to do a meaningful writing activity. Your child might not be interested in activities that do not relate to her life. As an example, have your child write a list that helps her with her daily activities.
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      Tell your child to take notes about the things she sees. As an example, take your child on a field trip to the local science museum and have her write about the information she learns. Show your child that note taking encourages her to remember information, which can help on school tests.
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      Ask your child what she thinks about the world around her. Try to get your child to make detailed descriptions of people and places. When your child makes an exceptional observation, let her know that she is talented with words.

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